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It’s not how, or who scores, it’s when that counts!                                 1 credit = 2 Euro
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Scoretime® is so easy to play; you wonder why it hasn’t been seen before.

Almost 2 and a half years since its first conception the SCORETIME® game has been tested, retested and tested again to check for its veracity and potential.  The results are that it is a truly original concept and is a great game to play!

The beauty of SCORETIME® is in its flexibility, it can be played in a variety of different ways offering a plethora of opportunities.

WORLD CUP, INTERNATIONAL, DOMESTIC and EUROPEAN LEAGUES AND CUP MATCHES can all be played on SCORETIME® and with better chances of winning.

Based on a 90 minute football match over two 45 minute halves – the principle is simple choose eight correct times when you think a goal will be scored.

(We have used 46 minutes to begin the second half so as to avoid confusion between the two 45 minutes on each half but both total up to 90 minutes.)

The game is based on fixed odds and a team of international statisticians has worked on the figures for almost two years to ensure the veracity of the information. So we are confident that SCORETIME® has all the right qualifications to be a success.

Whilst SCORETIME® will do its best to have the results by close of business on match days, it may not be possible with matches that are outside the GMT TIME  zone -  this could take up to 24 hours depending on when and where the match is played for clarification of the result.